TOM Tailor 4892302 Zapatos de Tacón con Punta Cerrada para Mujer Grau Ice 38 EU TOM Tailor 4892302 Grau Ice 38 EU Zapatos de Tacón con Punta Cerrada para Mujer xo9Oti9

TOM Tailor 4892302, Zapatos de Tacón con Punta Cerrada para Mujer, Grau (Ice), 38 EU
TOM Tailor 4892302, Zapatos de Tacón con Punta Cerrada para Mujer, Grau (Ice), 38 EU


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Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is usually topnotch... but this year I am calling them out; this is crap. They are going on a PR campaign to tell everyone... this is a natural process... happens every year when we have an algae bloom (wrong).

This is not happening just in Diamond Valley Lake... it’s the entire State Water Project. Hundreds of drinking water consumers across ... Southern California are reporting disgusting taste and odor problems to me... last year the unmanaged algae bloom produced toxic blue green algae... which I am confident will happen again.

Here's my beef... they know these algae blooms occur... they know they can produce toxins... they know they are the result of discharges of nutrients from wastewater treatment plants and agricultural runoff into OUR water source... and yet they fail to plan for them, manage or prevent them... it can be done.

This same organizations wants to spend billions of dollars on what they think is a "Big Fix"... but fail to manage their water quality, year after year... for decades. It's time to build some trust... show some leadership.

Algae shuts down Diamond Valley Lake near Hemet
The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California has temporarily suspended all recreational activities at Diamond Valley Lake near Hemet because of an algal bloom.

Two areas near Lake Norman, North Carolina have reported statistically higher than expected incidences of thyroid cancer, according to a May 29 letter obtained Tuesday by Policy Watch from the state Department of Health and Human Services.

While “this investigation cannot be used to determine the cause of the observed cancers or identify possible associations with any risk factors,” the letter read. “It is important to note that the data and statistical analysis conducted at ... this step cannot determine if cancers observed in the community are associated with specific environmental, lifestyle, or other risk factors.”... we know what the cause is.

Genetics and/or environmental exposure can increase a person’s risk for thyroid cancer. Exposure to radiation, flame retardants and perfluorinated compounds, such as GenX and PFOAs, can also enhance the risk. These compounds have been found in the Cape Fear River, a result of discharges and emissions from the Chemours plant near Fayetteville.

BREAKING: DHHS investigating suspected cancer cluster near Lake Norman | The Progressive Pulse
This is a developing story. Policy Watch will run a full story, including interviews with scientists and community residents tomorrow. Two areas near Lake Norman have reported statistically higher than expected incidences of thyroid cancer, according to a May 29 letter obtained Tuesday by Policy Wat...

This is absolutely heartbreaking...

Think about it the next time you purchase a 3M product.

From bandages to bondo... ACE, Command, Filtrete, FUTURO, Post-it, Scotch, ScotchBlue, Scotch-Brite, Scotchgard, and many other: Cleaning Protecting, Decorating, Organizing Crafts ... Home Improvement, Office, Personal Health Care, School Supplies, Sports Recreation

HJ1032 Bota Mujer Punta Redonda Cremallera en El Lado Tacón Alto Botines al Tobillo Rojo 39 4JvEQkI379
Toxic Secrets: The town that 3M built - where kids are dying of cancer
Cancer has become a big part of the lives of families at this American high school. It's a case with huge significance half a world away in Australia.

If this impacts you or a family member, please participate and get tested.

The more that are tested the better the real numbers are when reported... this may help get the resources needed to reduce the toxic effects of lead in a child.

Officials urging Port Huron residents living near Mueller Brass to be tested for lead
An urgent health alert has been issued for some people living in Port Huron.

Run, Walk... or just come out and show your support!


It's about damn time...

It has taken weeks to get attention to this disaster... and now it is beyond an emergency!

This happens year after year... how about a little planning and preventative action so this NEVER happens again. There is nothing "potential" about this... the death and destruction is happening already!

... Seguir leyendo
Gov. Scott directs DEP to take steps to curb potential algae blooms
Florida Gov. Rick Scott directed Florida Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Noah Valenstein to issue an Emergency Order urging the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the South Florida Water Management District to take emergency actions to help redirect the flow of water out of Lake Okeec...

I clearly understand PGE’s pattern of corporate behavior... they kill people and cover it up as a matter of routine.

Erin Brockovich joins legal team suing PGE over North Bay wildfires
Brockovich, made famous by an Oscar-winning film about her work fighting PGE has joined the legal team representing more than 1,000 North Bay residents suing the utility company over last year’s wildfires.

This interactive map is only for California... the other 49 states need to do something similar.

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La mirada de Soledad Gallego-Díaz

La sentencia del Tribunal de Estrasburgo debería obligar a los tribunales españoles a tener en cuenta con mucho más cuidado el derecho de los ciudadanos a expresar su rechazo o descontento político

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El Congreso de los Diputados, con el voto conjunto de PP, PSOE y Ciudadanos, rechazó ayer la propuesta de Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya de eliminar varios artículos del Código Penal que castigan el delito de calumnias o injurias a los miembros de la Casa del Rey, así como multas por ofensas o ultrajes a España, sus comunidades autónomas o a sus símbolos o emblemas. La ley seguirá castigando esos casos, pero, desde luego, tendrá que ser interpretada de otra manera como lo ha venido siendo hasta ahora , de acuerdo con Zapatillas de lona beige con dos velcros de Pablosky Beige 23 d80hNjULv
. Por ejemplo, no se podrá seguir considerando delito la quema de fotografías del Rey, porque ese acto queda englobado dentro del derecho a la libertad de expresión y no constituye una muestra de desprecio, en contra de lo que decidieron en 2008 los tribunales españoles y el propio Tribunal Constitucional.

tendrá que ser interpretada de otra manera como lo ha venido siendo hasta ahora

La sentencia del Tribunal Europeo de Derechos Humanos debería obligar a los tribunales españoles a tentarse mucho la ropa antes de aplicar los artículos 490 y 491 del Código Penal y a tener en cuenta con mucho más cuidado el derecho de los ciudadanos a expresar su rechazo o descontento político . De hecho, bastaría con que atendieran a las razones de los cuatro magistrados del Tribunal Constitucional que en su momento emitieron votos particulares discrepantes y contrarios a que se sancionara a unos jóvenes que quemaron fotos de don Juan Carlos y doña Sofía. "La crítica malsonante, la manifestación políticamente incorrecta, los gestos o actos desabridos, de mal gusto o de impactante exageración no quedan expulsados del campo legítimo de la libertad de expresión", recordó entonces la magistrada Adela Asua en su voto particular. Cuando se trata de manifestación de opiniones sobre aspectos políticos o institucionales, sobre la actuación de gobernantes o de quienes desempeñan poderes constitucionales, el ámbito de la libertad de expresión carece prácticamente de límites , explicó la señora Asua. Lástima que hayan tenido que pasar tantos años para que un tribunal europeo recuerde a los intérpretes de la Constitución española exactamente ese mismo principio.

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